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Vatika Naturals brings to you the goodness of nature, in a bottle! Discover never before daily care with Vatika Naturals Black Seed Complete Hair Care Shampoo. An intensive nourishing shampoo which provides all the nutrition that hair needs to stay looking and feeling in great condition. Vatika Black Seed Complete Hair Care Shampoo is extremely nourishing and when used in combination with the Black Seed Enriched Hair Oil, provides all the nutrition that hair needs to stay looking and feeling in great condition. Vatika Black Seed Shampoo uses a powerful ingredient, Black Seed, known as The Seed of Blessing. Black Seed adds strength and shine and offers complete protection against damaged, falling and dull hair. We have selected the best Black Seeds of the world, especially sourced from Turkey! Hair Problem- For Damaged, Falling & Dull Hair.Benefits- Strength & Shine. Super.

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Vatika Naturals Black Seed Shampoo carries mild and pleasant scent, which doesn’t stay in tresses after rinsed. It lathers creamy and rich with regular amount just like any other shampoo. Vatika Naturals Black Seed rinses clean without trouble, leaving behind squeaky clean scalp and tresses but without ripping off the natural and beneficial sebum from scalp. It doesn’t weigh down hair. After drying, entire Vatika Naturals shampoo range leaves behind hair that look like blow dried. You can separate each strand and this makes hair detangled easily and leads to reduced breakage of hair. Not only this improves hair count but also limits the formation of split ends. It takes away frizz by lightly moisturising the hair and hair styling becomes easier.

It nourishes the hair from root to tip and a visible difference can be seen within a week.

Vatika Naturals Black Seed Shampoo, adds volume to limp hair and bounce to waves. Vatika Naturals Black Seed Shampoo gives life to dull hair. Dry hair looks shiny and healthy after every wash along with making them velvety soft. This shampoo not only gives great hair, it protects and repairs damaged hair.

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