Thimar Al-Quds Palestinian Oil Olive (500ml)


Thimar al-Quda is a high quality 100% pure Palestinian extra virgin oil. Our olives are from a town called Tulkaram, South of Nablus. The area’s climate and landscape offer one of the most favorable environments for olive production as olive tree cultivation favor rocky sites. Olive trees, often referred to as the “tree of eternity”, have existed in Kofor Rai for centuries, with some trees in the area thought to be over 500 years old.

We believe in the importance of empowering rural women, many of whom work as olive pickers and cultivars, to increase their participation in the olive oil sector while improving their skills and organization abilities. We are building a network of strong relationship with farmers to increase their awareness of olive oil farming and its application. We encourage our member farmers to observe Good Agriculture Practices, as harvested olives are pressed within the same day they are picked from the trees. This retains the nutritive, high quality of olive oil produced. We have our own modern pressing plant complete with stainless steel storage tanks and filters to ensure the finest virgin olive oil free of any residue or cholesterol. We are fully committed to applying HACCP standards and preserve the best conditions for production, harvesting, processing, and storage. Our olives are all handpicked and pesticide free. All production practices that may harm the quality of the olive oil are.

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