Shams Al Emarat Khususi Red Oud Spray

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The Shams Al Emarat Khususi Red Oud from Ard Al Zaafaran is an exceptionally aromatic fragrance with a top note of red pepper and notes of cumin and saffron. Sandalwood and vetiver create an impressive base note, joined by a pinch of agarwood (oud) and sweet spices. This perfume, from the Around the Aoud fragrance collection, is also inspired by the Orient – how could it be otherwise when internationally renowned perfume.

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Ard Al Zaafaran fascination and love for the Arab countries can also be sensed in the Shams Al Emarat Khususi Red Oud, a fragrance which uses ingredients that are typical for the region. Also featuring is oud, the sought-after smoking wood, to which the perfumer devotes the entire fragrance collection. As with every Ard Al Zaafaran fragrance, the Shams Al Emarat Khususi Red Oud is distinguished by high-quality, natural essences that are carefully selected and produce an individual, multifaceted scent.

  • Manufacturer: Ard Al Zaafaran
  • ISBN: 6276717462156
  • Country of Manufacturer: UAE
  • Size 100ml

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