Saad for Salat


Help your kids love Salat (prayers) more than ever through the adventures of Adam and Aneesah! In this inspiring episode of Adam’s World, kids will come to appreciate our daily prayer beyond the rituals, as a way to communicate and connect with Allah. Children will discover the five prayer names and times through a beautiful song for each Salat by Adam and Aneesah!

As usual Adam is on a mission to learn something new. From Adam ‘the Wonder Journalist’ encountering Morris Muckster, to Adam ‘the Talk Show Host’ interviewing Mr. Azan, to Adam learning tasbeeh with Sr. Khala, to Adam sharing Chacha’s passion for Salat, to Adam bumping into Akhi on the way to the masjid.

This episode teaches the following seven Arabic letters and key Islamic terms that begin with those letters: Alif for Azan, Ta fo Tauba, Saad for Salat, Zau for Zuhur, Ain for Asr, and Isha, Fa for Fajr and Meem for Maghrib.

Produced by Abdul Malik Mujahid

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