Bakhoor Oud Mubakhar

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Ingredients: Oudh powder, musk, sandal powder, perfume sugar.
Brand: Ard Al Zaafaran
Smell Arabic Name : بخور عود مبخر
Size: 40g
Boxed product weight: 450g approx.
Made in U.A.E

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A treat for the senses of fragrant woods, enriched with fine, fragrant oils. Bukhoor Oud Mubakhar is an exquisite bakhoor with excellent quality oud powder & perfume oils.

Bukhoor (Arabic: بخور‎), or Bakhoor, is the Arabic name given to woodchips/bricks soaked in fragrant oils, These scented woodchips/bricks are burned in incense burners to perfume the home and clothing with a rich thick smoke, This is used specifically on special occasions like weddings or on Fridays or generally just to perfume the house. The bukhoor is usually burned in a mabkhara, a traditional incense burner (censer) also known as Bakhoor Burner.

Fragrance Notes: Floral, woody, warm, soft, vanilla.


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