Oud by Nabeel (40g)

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Excellent Quality Bakhoor with Oud powder, musk and perfume oils.
A single tablet of 9 pellets, totaling 40g of long-lasting and pleasant fragrance.

One of the best, rich floral aromatic and pleasant smelling incense. The bakhoor blends together an aroma of raw materials such as sandalwood, frankincense, and a mixture of the essence of Oud, Musk, Amber, Rose etc

it is truly heavenly and highly recommended.

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A small amount is long lasting and has a pleasant fragrance.
High Quality Rich Exotic aroma smelling incense bakhoor.
Made from High Quality Extracts, Resins & Spices
it is truly heavenly and highly recommended.
Made with high Quality Finest Ingredients Available

These Incenses are high quality and long lasting
100% free from alcohol,
a little of this delightful fragrance goes a long way.
Ideal gift item.

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