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Perfume Oud Al Lail Eau de Parfum by Ard Al Zaafaran is an Oudh fragrance with oriental, spicy notes.
The top note offers spicy notes of nutmeg, saffron, incense, coffee and cinnamon.
Fresh birch combines with floral jasmine, plums, praline and leather in the heart note. The birch is very successful in taming the sweetness of plums and floral notes.
The base offers woody Oudh, warm amber, cedar, vanilla and sandalwood.
A full, delightful smoky-sweet fragrance that is beautifully balanced and not overwhelming. The fragrances are beautifully interwoven here, each phase of this perfume has its own radiant moment.
The perfume can be worn at any occasion.
Main accords: leather, smoky, balsamic, warm spicy, Oudh

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