Dual Nozzle Self Cleaning Bidet Attachment by EnjoyClean

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Features of the EnjoyClean Bidet CB2000 Duo:

  • Automatic Bidet Attachment
  • Universally designed to fit most toilets
  • Uses pre-existing toilet seat
  • Dual self-cleaning Nozzles
  • Hot and cold water connections
  • Easily connect and wash in minutes
  • Requires no electricity or batteries
  • Retractable dual nozzles for posterior and feminine wash
  • Greatly reduces consumption of Toilet Paper

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The EnjoyClean Bidet CB2000 Duo is a non-electric bidet attachment with both hot and cold water connections.  The internal parts have been upgraded from previous generation attachments for greater durability and longevity.  The EnjoyClean Bidet CB2000 dua operates by using water pressure instead of electricity, so no outlet or batteries are needed.  It attaches easily to most toilets, round or elongated size, and attaches under your existing toilet seat.

The EnjoyClean Bidet CB2000 Duo Attachment comes with a cold water connection hose as well as a warm water connection that connects to your sink warm water supply.  This allows you to have an adjustable warm water wash.  The dual nozzle design provides a separate posterior and femine wash options.  The nozzles are self-rinsing and can be removed for more thorough cleaning.  A splash guard protects from water splashing outside the bowl.

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