Dirham Oud Attar


An Exclusive Popular Arabian Perfume Spray from the world-renowned Ard Al Zaafaran range:

A Dream perfume from the pages of the Arabian Nights, Dirham Oud by Ard Al Zaafaran Is a scent which dazzles all the senses with its evocation of the rosy Persian dawn. Using ingredients which have been prized in the East for thousands of years.

A Gorgeous exclusive perfume with a perfect blend of Bergamot Raspberry & Rose. The perfume comes in a beautiful elegant bottle along with a nice outer box. Fragrance Notes: Bergamot, White Musk, Amber, Rose, Sandalwood, Raspberry, Lemon, Lavender, Sunny & Cedar.

Made in UAE by Ard Al Zaafaran from UAE…!

“The perfect gift for the one you love “.

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This genuine Ard Al Zaafaran product is high quality and longer lasting. Manufactured in United Arab Emirates.

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