Antique Touch Thobe


This Design is another variant of our Good Old Modern Touch. This shade of ruskty brown fabric is a class as its a nice soft poly-viscose that is comfortable and durable whilst at the same time. The Zipper Hidden Placket is added to match its stylish trendy look.


  • Velcro Close Collar
  • Simple Velcro Close Cuffs
  • Hidden Zipper Placket
  • Double Side Pockets
  • No Top Chest Pockets


  • Made with Poly Viscose Fabric
  • Machine Wash with Like Colours
  • Fabric thickness is medium-heavy



Additional information

Weight0.5 kg
50S14 in16 in18.5 in22 in48.5 in
50M14.5 in16.5 in20.5 in22.5 in48.5 in
50L15 in17 in22.5 in23 in48.5 in
50XL16 in17.5 in24.5 in24 in48.5 in
50XXL17.5 in18 in26.5 in25 in48.5 in
52S14.5 in16.5 in19.5 in23 in50.5 in
52M15 in17 in21.5 in23.5 in50.5 in
52L15.5 in17.5 in23.5 in24 in50.5 in
52XL16.5 in18 in25.5 in24.5 in50.5 in
52XXL18 in18.5 in27.5 in25 in50.5 in
54S15 in16.5 in19.5 in23 in52.5 in
54M15.5 in17 in21.5 in23.5 in52.5 in
54L16.5 in18 in23.5 in24.5 in52.5 in
54XL17.5 in18.5 in25.5 in25 in52.5 in
54XXL18.5 in19 in27.5 in25.5 in52.5 in
56S15 in16.5 in19.5 in23.5 in54.5 in
56M15.5 in17.5 in21.5 in24 in54.5 in
56L16.5 in18 in23.5 in24.5 in54.5 in
56XL17.5 in18.5 in25.5 in25 in54.5 in
56XXL18.5 in19 in27.5 in26 in54.5 in
58S15.5 in17 in19.5 in23.5 in56.5 in
58M16 in17.5 in21.5 in24 in56.5 in
58L17 in18.5 in23.5 in25.5 in56.5 in
58XL18 in19 in25.5 in26 in56.5 in
58XXL19 in19.5 in27 in26.5 in56.5 in
60S15.5 in17 in20.5 in24 in58.5 in
60M16 in17.5 in21.5 in25 in58.5 in
60L17 in18.5 in23.5 in25.5 in58.5 in
60XL18 in19.5 in25.5 in26 in58.5 in
60XXL19.5 in20 in27.5 in27 in58.5 in
62S16 in17.5 in21.5 in24 in60.5 in
62M16.5 in18 in22.5 in24.5 in60.5 in
62L17.5 in19 in24 in25 in60.5 in
62XL18.5 in20 in26.5 in26 in60.5 in
62XXL19.5 in21 in29 in27 in60.5 in
64S16.5 in18 in22 in25 in62.5 in
64M17 in18.5 in23 in25.5 in62.5 in
64L18 in19 in25.5 in26.5 in62.5 in
64XL19 in19.5 in28 in27.5 in62.5 in
64XXL20 in22 in32 in28 in62.5 in


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