Alatar Hashish Hair Oil


Tonic and volumizing hair
Eliminates peeling
Prevents hair breakage
It prevents hair loss permanently
Helps hair regrowth
Works to restore hair to its natural state
It nourishes the hair from the follicles, which leads to solving all hair problems
Al-Attar Indian Hair Oil Hemp Seed – Afghan Hashish Oil
Indian Attar Hair Oil Hemp Seed (Afghan Hash Oil) with hemp extract nourishes the hair from root to tip.
Simply use your fingertips to massage the scalp and hair with the perfume oil.
Regular use helps straighten hair and maintains its silky shine for longer.
Haircare: Massage the oil with fingers into the hair and leave it for 30 minutes. Then rinse well with shampoo. You no longer need an air conditioner. Apply for a good result at best 1-2 times a week. Traditionally, the oil is massaged into the hair before combing and not washed off

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