Al Kohl Al Noor Ithmid Kohl

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100% pure natural Ithmid Kohl.

Strengthens the nerves of the eye, and acts as a “cure all” for ocular diseases.

Nourishes the eyelashes making then grow nice and long.

Jabir (Ra) reports that the Prophet (SAW) has advised to apply the Ithmid to the eyes as it increases the light of the eyes and helps grow the eye-lashes.” (Shamaa’il)

Ibnul Qaiyum said, “Ithmid is the black Kohl stone… the Kohl tends to be cold and dry and it is beneficial to the eye in that it strengthens it and also strengthens the eye nerve. Ithmid dissolves excess flesh around ulcers and closes the wound while cleansing the area around them.”

[p.251 Eng trans. Medicine of the Prophet by Imam ibnul Qaiyum].

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