Miswak (Natural)

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Nature has provided us with an effective safe Total Oral Care solution: Al-Khair Miswak is the root of the “Peele tree” (Salvadora Persica).

Research indicates that Miswak suppresses decay-causing bacteria, gingivitis, and plaque formation, among many other benefits.

Al-Khair Miswak is hand picked and sorted by our experienced staff that chooses the finest of the select pieces, ensuring that you get the best of Miswaks.


Length: 20cm
Weight: 40g
How to Use:

Simply scrape off bark from the top then chew the top gently until brush-like. When the bristles become worn and flavor has subsided, cut off the worn bristles and repeat instruction. After use rinse & replace in a wrapper.

***Miswak may be supplied by a different company***

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