Al-Harameen Azan Clock HA-4002


Complete Azans for all prayers

Full Azans (1150 cities Around The World)

Automatic Fajr Alarm

Daily Alarm (weekends optional) &Snooze option

Qibla Direction (relative to North)

Hijri&Gregorian Calendars

Full-screen El-light

Temperature&Daylight saving time option

Power supply mode: AAA battery *5 (battery does not included here)


* Daily alarm: Alarm to work and school
The daily alarm is a regular alarm that rings at the same time every day. Moreover, this alarm can be set not to ring on weekends.

* Qibla direction
Qibla direction (relative to the North) can be displayed.

* Hijri and Gregorian calendars
Gregorian or Hijri calendar can be displayed.
The Hijri calendar follows the Gregorian date and is based on the astronomical moon sighting at Mecca.

* Temperature display
Temperature reading in Celsius (C) is displayed.

* Snooze option
* Full-screen El light
* Audio  out  (Connect with speaker)
* DC 6 Volts external input 300MA
* Daylight Saving Time option ( for countries using this system )
* Gentle prayers reminder ( when azan sound is turned off )
* Could easily modify the difference time prayer to the outskirts of cities adopted it
* Crescendo sound: All alarms have a gentle wake-up sound that increases gradually.
* One Time Alarm: In addition to Fajr and daily alarms, AL-HARAMEEN clock includes an extra-alarm ( called 1-Day alarm ). It can be set to ring for special appointments.

Additional information

Weight2.5 kg

*Packing information :

Product size: 150*60.6*86.8mm

one pcs N.w: 0.304kg



Carton size: 53.5*38*37.8cm


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